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Iteratively model and optimize supply chain decisions

Instantly adapt to shifting supply chain constraints and manage complex trade-offs. Get valid, optimal plans with AI grounded in transparent, provably correct reasoning.

Supply chains are highly interdependent

Batch optimization tools only optimize to one goal, and don’t help you evaluate trade-offs in rapidly changing supply chains.

Reality changes fast

Most modeling tools can’t reflect all your options based on changing circumstances at each node in your network.

Batch solves are frail

Single target batch optimization means solutions can be out of date when they arrive, and you can’t manage trade-offs.

Automation is hard

Using tools for each function in the supply chain doesn’t give you a holistic model you can rely on for valid, optimal solutions.

Deploy gen AI apps you can count on

Modeling inventory optimization or fulfillment scenarios? Ensure 100% accurate and optimal plans, no matter how complex your supply chain and constraints are.

100% accuracy

EC AI maintains 100% accuracy across a broad set of problems. GPT4 accuracy drops to below 13% as complexity grows.

100% error detection

EC AI knows how to reliably identify incorrect solutions. It detects errors 100% of the time compared to just 40% for GPT4.

100% error repair

EC AI understands what’s wrong so it can interactively fix it. GPT4 fails at this task and can only repair 18% of errors.

Manage tradeoffs and adapt to reality on the ground.

Run interactive supply chain optimization models with humans in the loop. Adapt to shifting supply chain constraints and iterate in real-time, rather than wait for batch optimization that only optimizes to a single target.

Get optimal plans guaranteed to be valid.

Increase your fulfillment agility with 100% accurate and optimal plans based on up to date constraints and data. No matter how many variables in your supply chain, or the number of optimization targets.

Quickly deploy and maintain your AI supply chain app.

Forget dumping data across sheets and tools to optimize across your entire network. EC AI captures your expert knowledge and constraints, helps write the logic governing your app in plain English, then automatically deploys it. Anyone can adjust the logic of your app and instantly validate it.

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