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Reliably plan your most complex travel

Deploy AI to interactively help customers make optimal travel plans in situations with many constraints and tradeoffs. All without relying on expert humans.

‘EC’s AI elevates the technology powering our booking experience and eases the challenge our customers face.’

Rob Gurney

OneWorld CEO

Complex travel planning is a pain

Scheduling and logistics are subject to so many changing constraints and tradeoffs that even human experts struggle to solve them.

Tradeoffs are tough

Optimal choices depend on a combination of customer preferences and your constraints, rules, and data.

Plans must be valid

Experts struggle with complexity and validate plans manually using outdated tools.

Automation is hard

Translating complex business logic into apps that scale is slow and expensive.

Scale travel planning you can count on

Help customers book complex travel using AI with transparent, provably correct reasoning grounded in your business logic.

Manage complex tradeoffs and instantly adapt to changing requirements.

Customers need to explore options to make optimal travel plans. Empower them to self-serve by booking travel faster and easier using AI that understands, reasons, and resolves problems interactively.

Serve more customers with automated travel planning guaranteed to be valid.

Improve call deflection rates and find optimal solutions to complex travel problems without relying on experts and validation tools. Use real-time, interactive constraint solving AI grounded in your business logic.

Quickly deploy your AI travel app and easily fine-tune the logic that governs it.

Translating business logic into scalable apps used to be hard and relied on IT teams with limited capacity to build solutions. Now you can capture your business knowledge and rules automatically into a plain English document that directly powers the logic of your travel app.

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