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Solve your toughest problems

Elemental Cognition and Google Cloud have partnered to help enterprises deploy horizontal and vertical AI-powered applications that solve complex problems with greater reliability, faster time to value, and broader reach.

Explore Elemental Cognition on Google Cloud

By combining Elemental Cognition’s proprietary reasoning engine with Google Cloud’s Foundational LLMs on Vertex AI, you can address two of your most important use case categories: research and discovery and expert assistance.

Expert Assistance with Cogent

Use Cogent’s natural language knowledge capture to understand and transform business requirements into intelligent, interactive problem-solving applications that deliver unprecedented accuracy – from solving complex real-time resource scheduling to precise planning and configuration management.

Research and Discovery with Cora

Cora accelerates accurate, evidence-based research. It understands your research approach and transparently automates discovering, tracking, justifying, and synthesizing well-evidenced answers, compressing days or months of work into just hours or minutes.

‘Our partnership will help the Elemental Cognition team utilize Google Cloud’s infrastructure and powerful models and ultimately deliver greater innovation and AI solutions to customers in industries like life sciences, public sector, logistics, and more.’

James Lee
General Manager, Startups and AI, Google Cloud

Start solving your toughest problems.

Access Elemental Cognition’s offering via Google Cloud Marketplace.