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Personalize pathway planning for every student

Empower students with an AI advisor they can rely on 24/7 to build a degree plan that satisfies their needs and your requirements. So you can increase on time graduation and student retention at your university.

Student pathway planning is stressful

Offering high-touch advisory to improve on-time graduation and student retention is hard. Students’ decisions will matter for a lifetime, but the process is anything but optimal.

Complex requirements

Degree requirements are hard to understand for students and advisors.

Limited advisors

Students require a valid plan tailored to their needs, but advisor hours are limited.

Hard to automate

Turning course data into an application that helps explore and build plans is hard.

Give every student a path to graduation with Elemental Cognition AI

Enable students to plan optimal pathways that reliably meet your graduation requirements and their needs. Scale high touch degree advising without staffing any more advisors.

Help students explore degree possibilities and tradeoffs interactively 24/7.

Students want to personalize their education, but they need the necessary graduation credits. Empower them with an AI advisor that explains their options for majors, minors, electives, and more to guarantee they’re on track to graduate.

Get optimal plans for every student with a justified explanation of choices.

Each student has different needs, but advisors are limited and degree rules are complex. Use AI to solve for constraints and offer solutions guaranteed to be valid, so advisors can review and approve degree plans faster.

Launch your AI advisor in weeks, not months.

Translating course catalogues and degree rules into user friendly apps used to be hard. Now you can capture complex requirements and scheduling constraints automatically from your student information system.

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