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Neuro-symbolic AI for when you can't afford to be wrong

Elemental Cognition AI integrates large language models (LLMs) with a formal reasoning engine so you can quickly deploy AI apps that reliably, accurately, and transparently solve your hardest business problems.

Fill the LLM reasoning void

Benchmark performance tests show how best-in-class LLMs like GPT4 suffer from a reasoning void. The more complex your problem gets, the more LLM accuracy drops. Elemental Cognition solves those problems accurately and reliably using our formal reasoning engine.

100% accuracy

EC AI maintains 100% accuracy across a broad set of problems. GPT4 accuracy drops to below 13% as complexity grows.

100% error detection

EC AI knows how to reliably identify incorrect solutions. It detects errors 100% of the time compared to just 40% for GPT4.

100% error repair

EC AI understands what’s wrong so it can interactively fix it. GPT4 fails at this task and can only repair 18% of errors.

‘In a high-stakes, regulated industry like ours at Bridgewater’s AI fund, reliable AI is crucial. Our automated investment associate uses Elemental Cognition’s reasoning engine… This gives us a more reliable, transparent AI solution for investment research that not only performs well but also explains its logic formally.’

Greg Jensen

Bridgewater Co-Chief Investment Officer

AI that actually understands and explains

EC AI’s reasoning engine, not its LLMs, produce answers based on complex reasoning over precise knowledge. The result is more reliable and accurate, plus less expensive to operate.

EC Reasoning Engine

Multi-strategy reasoning engine solves hard problems


Fine-tuned LLMs make knowledge accessible

Formal Knowledge Model

Formal knowledge models enable reliable precision


Cloud APIs power fast and scalable app deployment

Enterprise applications

Enterprise AI apps capable of complex reasoning


Interact with AI in natural language.


Get predictable, valid, and unbiased results.


See explicit, traceable decision procedures.


Use unambiguous formal systems.


Compute efficiently with formal algorithms.

Scale expert decision-making with no code

Capture your precise requirements in natural language, then generate interactive problem-solving APIs and multi-modal AI apps.

Capture your business knowledge precisely from documents and experts.

Eliminate the back and forth between programmers and business analysts to define app requirements. Ingest your data or chat with EC AI to quickly turn imprecise language about your business needs into a precise formal knowledge model that governs the logic of your application.

Generate a formal knowledge model anyone can read.

Forget coding co-pilots. Skip coding entirely. Your model is a structured, logically precise document with specifications in readable English that are easy to update and maintain. It connects directly to the reasoning engine to run your app.

Optimally solve complex problems with an efficient reasoning engine.

The EC reasoning engine drives your custom application by automatically ensuring valid, optimal solutions. It transparently resolves conflicts and generates explanations. It decides what to say, explains the trade-offs, and reliably solves complex problems for end users.

Deploy multi-modal apps powered by interactive APIs.

Connect the front end of any multi-modal application to APIs generated automatically by the EC reasoning engine. Integrate knowledge acquisition, formal reasoning, problem-solving, and discovery APIs across your enterprise stack.

Ready to deploy in your enterprise

Elemental Cognition supports cloud and on-premises infrastructure with enterprise-grade security and governance.

Data ingest

Ingest your data quickly and securely via shared object stores like GCS, S3, MinIO or Ceph.


Integrate securely with your enterprise stack using industry standard data security practices.

Flexible APIs

Build multi-modal AI apps with our APIs for formal reasoning, problem-solving, and discovery.


Available as SaaS via Google Cloud Marketplace, host in any cloud you want, or deploy on-premises.

Award-winning innovation

Elemental Cognition was founded by Dr. David Ferrucci, the renowned AI researcher and inventor of IBM’s breakthrough Watson technology. The team of 15+ widely-published AI PhDs and even more talented ML, NLP, and AI engineers are building technology recognized by industry awards and leading research institutions.

Watch the EC platform in action

See how businesses use Elemental Cognition to build apps that reliably solve hard problems and accelerate complex research.

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AI for when you can’t afford to be wrong.

See how Elemental Cognition AI can solve your hard business problems.