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Scale expert decision-making with AI that does complex reasoning

Solve hard business problems when you can’t afford to be wrong. Use Elemental Cognition AI to deploy applications with transparent, provably correct reasoning.

Trusted by global enterprises and the system integrators who help them innovate.

Decision-making is hard to scale

Large language models (LLMs) alone can’t be trusted to reliably solve complex business problems. So you rely on experts you can’t scale.

Capturing Knowledge

Translating business logic into scalable applications is a slow and painful process.

Managing Complexity

Managing complex business logic is a nightmare when you can’t afford to be wrong.

Staying Accountable

ChatGPT is a black box that can’t reliably justify answers, so you need experts to be accountable.

Use Elemental Cognition AI when you can’t afford to be wrong

Deploy AI apps powered by reliable, complex reasoning. Optimally solve hard problems when precision, accuracy, and transparency matter.

Capture expert knowledge conversationally and turn it into a program automatically.

Elemental Cognition compiles an easy to read English document into constraint solving code so anyone can understand, test, and fine-tune the business logic governing your application.

Manage the tradeoffs in hard problems and make sure your app never goes off the rails.

Scale real-time constraint solving and optimization customized for your business using interactive AI that understands, reasons, and resolves complex tradeoffs to help users make the best decision.

Justify answers and get the evidence you need to make big decisions confidently.

Discover billion dollar needles in the research haystack. Connect public and private data, automatically induce domain ontologies, and get supporting and refuting evidence to research questions.

'In a high-stakes, regulated industry like ours at Bridgewater’s AI fund, reliable AI is crucial. Our automated investment associate uses Elemental Cognition's reasoning engine… This gives us a more reliable, transparent AI solution for investment research that not only performs well but also explains its logic formally.'

Greg Jensen

Bridgewater Co-Chief Investment Officer

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‘EC’s AI elevates the technology powering our booking experience and eases the challenge our customers face.’

Rob Gurney

OneWorld CEO

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AI for when you can’t afford to be wrong

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