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AI that thinks before it talks

Provably Correct. Fully transparent. Solve your toughest problems.


Flawless round-the-world travel planning

Complex travel restrictions and fare rules. Hard and soft customer preferences. Real-time pricing. Billions of possibilities. No problem. EC’s precise reasoning powers Oneworld’s round–the–world virtual agent.

Financial Services

Complex problems demand precise powerful reasoning

Scaling financial use cases is challenging due to complex business knowledge. Solutions demand fluency, correctness, and transparency that befuddle, chat-bots and LLMs. Our advanced reasoning and fluent, natural language understanding deliver where existing technology falls short.

Life Sciences

Put your next discovery in reach

Need fast, confident, repeatable research to explore external and proprietary knowledge bases? Understand, uncover, and reliably evidence new insights improving time-to-market and reducing risk. When bias, inaccuracies, or lack of attribution are way too costly, EC’s platform has you covered.

'EC’s AI elevates the technology powering our booking experience and eases the challenge our customers face.'

Rob Gurney

Oneworld CEO


Elemental Cognition’s platform addresses the most complex use cases


Use Cogent’s dialog to understand and transform business requirements into intelligent, interactive problem-solving applications that deliver unprecedented accuracy – from solving complex real-time resource scheduling to precise planning and configuration management.


Cora accelerates accurate, evidence-based research. It understands your research approach and transparently automates discovering, tracking, justifying, and synthesizing well-evidenced answers, compressing days or months of work into just hours or minutes.


Provably Correct. Fully transparent. Explore how Elemental Cognition solves the toughest problems.

Higher Education

Life Sciences


Investment Research

Our Partners

Why Elemental Cognition?

Provably Correct

Advanced reasoning algorithms are transparent and provably correct. No black box, no hallucinations. EC AI allows you to understand the reasoning, ground the facts, know the sources, and check “the math”.

Neuro-Symbolic AI

The Neuro part uses neural networks to find patterns and generate possibilities, the symbolic part applies real mathematical logic to make sure it all makes sense.


People want solutions that work like they work. EC AI communicates with language and solves problems with logic, so you get fluent interactions and correct answers.

Flexible Rigor

Traditional rules-based systems are brittle. EC AI allows you to encode and interactively solve complex optimization problems with the flexibility of language and the rigor of mathematical logic.

'There is a massive need to shorten the time to discovery in biomedical research.'

Dr. Nduka Amankulor

Brain Tumor Center, UPENN

Recognized by Gartner

Identified by Gartner in Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence, 2023 as Neuro–Symbolic AI vendor.

Our Expertise

Built-with Google AI Partner

Elemental Cognition announces a global strategic partnership with Google Cloud to power its offerings. Built natively on Google Cloud, EC’s AI uniquely combines Google Cloud Foundational LLMs on Vertex AI and natural language understanding (NLU) with advanced reasoning to ensure fluency and correctness.

With great power comes great responsibility: How to (not) use LLMs for research

Recently, a NY law firm was in the news for the wrong reasons – the firm’s lawyer used ChatGPT to do legal research to find similar historical cases to support his argument and entered the AI’s responses directly in the final brief without manually cross-checking the referenced citations.

Why a reasoning engine can solve your problems

In an earlier post, we discussed the recent progress of large language models (LLMs). We discussed how they are impressively fluent and creative, but struggle with precise and correct reasoning. One might argue they are too creative: prone to coloring outside the lines.