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Find targets for preclinical drug development with AI

Discover billion dollar needles in the research haystack faster. Use Elemental Cognition to find secondary indication data by reliably analyzing and connecting the dots across all the documented evidence.

Trusted by pharmaceutical research leaders and their teams.

Drug research today puts you at risk

Mission-critical drug discovery requires time-consuming expert research into complex, open-ended questions.

Experts are limited

Even experts have biases and are unable to explore and evaluate all the evidence.

Data is unstructured

Each new data set requires expensive data labelling and model training.

Quality isn’t assured

Research is a fragmented individual effort and quality is hard to maintain at scale.

Justify drug discovery decisions with Elemental Cognition AI

Standardize and scale higher quality drug research across your teams. Use AI that helps gather, sort, filter, rank, and connect all the evidence to reduce drug research time from months to hours.

Justify answers to complex research questions with evidence you can verify.

Overcome the manual research process and human bias that plagues your drug research pipeline. Make reliable inferences with proven reasoning algorithms based on supporting and refuting evidence, citations, and summaries from public and private data sources.

Quickly adapt to new domains without labelling data or training models.

Automatically induce domain ontologies from structured and unstructured data. Explore content and fine-tune search with a hierarchy of concepts and relations that gives you control of precision and recall.

Equip your team with expert knowledge that interactively guides high quality research.

Standardize and scale high-quality research cost-effectively. Capture expert domain models as multi-step research templates anyone on your team can apply to perform and monitor complex research processes.

'There is a massive need to shorten the time to discovery in biomedical research.'

Dr. Nduka Amankulor

Brain Tumor Center, UPENN

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